Surf Dots

April 6, 2021
Surf Dots

After painting a dot, I observe where my brain takes me. I let my subconscious guide me to the next dot. When it's all done, I get to enjoy a playful pattern. The simple colors bring me back to the game: twister, they brings me back to my discovery of the American culture as a foreign exchange student. I moved from Paris to LA with a 5 year layover in NYC to be closer to the ocean and the waves. I remember being 8 years old and reading surf magazines, hoping that one day I would ride waves. I am happy to call Venice Beach my home. Surfing is one hell of a drug. It's very hard to get but when you get a good wave it can makes you high for a few days. There is a saying In surfing: To surf well you have to connect the dots from the bottom of the wave to the top. This painted surfboard is me connecting the dots.  Thank you to @annamaiche for her modeling talent and to @staywildswim for creating Sustainable Swimwear.

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