January 22, 2021


Acrylic on Canvas. 40"x 40"

The Title "LOVE" was obvious to me as it was what I felt while painting this piece.
LOVE was one of the first paintings I created fully present and without any other motivation than to enjoy my life as a painter.
I was focused and intentional with every mark I put down on the canvas, I could feel the creative flow without the burden of thoughts..
- like when one is deeply in love and forced into the present moment. The result is colorful and energetic but that
is just on the surface, the moments of creation are what matter to me. The moment the brush glides on the surface of
the canvas, the moment the paints interact with each other and the thousands of other pieces of life that make up this painting.
Love is intense, it is as bright as the colors I used to paint. It's not me alone that created this painting though -I didn't weave the canvas, I didn't grind the paints or made the tools. like a lover and his beloved, I was just one cog in the engine of creation.
I used different tools and techniques and in the end this is the result: good or bad, good and bad, good now and bad later, bad now and good later. This painting is nothing, does nothing and it's perfection.
I was lost in LOVE.

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Ugo Nonis

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