Limited Series of 150.

Archival Pigment Prints on Moab Entrada Cotton Rag Bright 190gsm which is acid free and archival.

This painting is named after my ex girlfriend, Madeleine. It is part of a two painting series.  this painting is of her and the other one is of me (Mad Man sold at Pop Austin 2016).  
When she ended the relationship it was hard me for to move on. I loved her, but the long distance relationship slowly eroded our connection.

Using pyramids as my building blocks, I created this representation of Madeleine. The angular property of the pyramids give her a fierce and mechanical essence.
The strong pose and the use of neon gradients shows how powerful and luminous a person she is. It also represents the positive side of the break up, the side that is in control and can rapidly move on.  The dotted background transitions from glossy to matte - from the old to the new and from present to future.

Our break up ended up being one of the best things that ever happened to me.  Being heartbroken actually made me re-evaluate where I was at in my life and from that point on I decided to commit to my art full-time.  

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