I can't wait to show my work at POP AUSTIN for the third year in a row.


POP Austin admires Warhol for his CREATIVITY, revolutionary nature, market savvy, and cultural philanthropy. Like the legendary labor models of Warhol’s deeply unusual studios (each known as The Factory), POP Austin looks to SHIFT THE PARADIGM of art consumerism. While building on the ever increasing global success of pop-up galleries, POP Austin borrows elements of more traditional commercial gallery business models (of both primary and secondary markets) and the artist-centric ethos of top tier museums to create something new. 

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POP Austin personifies the RUGGED INDIVIDUALISM of the American entrepreneur.  We also like to think of ourselves as chic global citizens with good haircuts. We see art and technological advancement as partners growing together in tandem. Perhaps that’s because breakthroughs in both ART AND TECHNOLOGY hinge on the creator’s adventurous spirit and bold risk-taking, qualities we champion in all our curatorial undertakings. 

We embrace SPECTACLE and theatrics to craft cohesive, unique, short-run experiences showcasing work from artists with backgrounds as varied as is imaginable. In addition to supporting these artists, we educate viewers, creatives, and collectors through our POP Talks, while inciting conversations about challenging artwork. We are also promoting the kind of contemporary art that we would like to see more of in the world. As much as we love to throw an amazing party, our focus is, and will always be, on the art. 

POP Austin will take place from October 13-16th, 2016 at Fair Market which is located at 1100 East 5th Street, Austin, TX 78701. Follow us on Stay tuned for information on ticket sales, artist lineup, hours, and other exciting news!

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