b. 1977, Paris.  Currently lives and works in Los Angeles

Ugo Nonis was born and raised in Paris, fostering a strong connection to America after spending time in Chicago during his adolescence. Nonis absorbed the popularized ideas and experiences of american youth, translating his heritage and experience into visual representations of the time in his life. Before landing in Los Angeles, Nonis lived between New York and Paris for several years. While building an extensive 15 year career in graphic design, Nonis began to put brush to canvas and paint, overjoyed at the reception to his works on canvas.  

His work has been growing, developing, and evolving for over a decade, evolving from black and white compositions into bold colors and soft monotones stretching across expanses of canvas. Each piece carries the weight of a different moment in Nonis’ life, with abstracted words and shapes revealing layers of meaning. His love for curves and shapes combine the stories spread across the canvas into something more recognizable and easily approachable. Nonis remains in a constant state of awe, reveling in the mystery of art making, marveling at the unexpected places at which each piece ends.




2017        “America”,  Castelli Art Space, Los Angeles, CA

2017        “The Art of Ugo Nonis II”,  Wallflower, Venice, CA

2016        “Full Time”,  Bergamot Station, Tim Hogan Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2016        “Hold The Standard”,  Deuce Garage, Venice, CA 

2014         "Allies", Prize of Venice on Abbot Kinney; Venice, CA

2014         "Couleur", Aust Gallery on Abbot Kinney; Venice, CA

2012         "Ten Eyck”, The SNP Gallery; Los Angeles, CA

2010         "The Art of Ugo Nonis" Mobius Gallery; Los Angeles, CA



2018        "Art and Music”,  The Rose Room. Venice  ,CA 

2018        "House of L”,  The Catherine. Austin  ,TX 

2018        "The Other Art Fair”,  SMA Hangar. Los Angeles  ,CA 

2018        "Etrangers”, Kingchung Gallery, Los Angeles USA 

2018        "The Other Art Fair”,  Booth 8. Los Angeles  ,CA 

2018        "Palm Beach Art Fair”,  Oliver Cole Booth. Palm Beach  ,FL 

2017        "Mood Swings”,  Oliver Cole Gallery. Miami  ,FL   

2017        "Pop Austin International Art Show”,  Fair Market , Austin, TX

2017        "Life Is Beautiful”,  12 Gallery. Auckland , New Zealand

2017       "Crime On Canvas”,  Mmodern Gallery, Las Vegas , NV

2017        "Music Connects Us”,  V.A.C. Los Angeles , CA

2017        "UNICEF NextGen Art Auction”,  800 Main, Los Angeles , CA

2017        "Art Wynwood”,  Wynwood Pavillion, Miami, FL

2017        "In Between”,  Rose Room, Los Angeles, CA

2016        "Art Miami”,  De Re Gallery, Miami, FL

2016        “Pop Austin International Art Show”,  Grand Plaza, Austin, TX     

2016        “Crate Digger”,  Gabba Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2016        “Después La Playa”,  Adsubian Gallery, Spain.

2016        “Austin City Art Fair”,  Palmer Event Center, Austin, TX 

2015        “Pop Austin International Art Show”,  Grand Plaza, Austin, TX         

2015        “IVY”,  Think Tank Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2014        “Pop Austin International Art Show”,  Fair Market Gallery, Austin, TX

2014        “Think Tank & Bid27 Collab: Summer Auction and Show”,  Think Tank Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2014        “Keller Williams Larchmont Art  Show”,  Keller Williams, Los Angeles, CA

2014        “Think Tank & Bid27 Collab: Live Auction and Show”,  Think Tank Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2013        “Skateboard Show”, Track 16 Gallery at Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA

2012        “Group Show”, Chalk Gallery, Venice, CA

2012        “Group Show”, The Canal Club; Venice Art Crawl, Venice, CA

2012        “Surfrider Foundation Show”, Quicksilver, Venice, CA

2011        “Spirit of Art”, The Happening Gallery; Los Angeles, CA

2011        “Venice Gas Station”, Venice Art Crawl; Venice, CA

2011        “Ten Eyck”, Smooth and Pretty Gallery; Los Angeles, CA

2011        “Work of Art”, Premiered on Bravo; New York, NY

2010         "Momentum", 57 Market Gallery; Venice, CA

2010        “VAC”, Hotel Erwin, Venice, CA

2009        “Kind Lines”, Quicksilver Store; Manhattan, NY

2009        “Portrait Show”; Brooklyn, NY



2017        Donated painting for “UNICEF NextGen Auction”, 800 Main, Los Angeles , CA

2014        Donated painting for “A Brighter Future for Children”, House of Music & Entertainment; Beverly Hills, CA

2013        Donated art piece for “Skateboard Show”, Venice Family Clinic, Venice, CA

2012        Donated art piece for “Surfrider Foundation Show”, Quicksilver, Venice, CA

2012        Donated painting for “Aidan’s Red Envelope Foundation”; Los Angeles, CA

2010         "Momentum", 57 Market Gallery; Venice, CA

2009        “Kind Lines”, SurfAid International, Quicksilver Store; Manhattan, NY

2009        “Portrait Show”; Brooklyn, NY